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Maximillian-Robert Selorm Doku

PhD, MPhil, PGDE, BSc

Geography and Earth Sciences
First Floor (Central Lab Complex)



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Position Held

Lecturer and Research Scientist interested in combining education with professionalism from my background in Physics, Geophysics and Geoscience as a whole to empower, transform and promote lifelong learning and awareness among people; particularly young adults in the area of environmental geoscientific hazards, climate science and renewable energy technologies.

Geoscience | Geohazards | Energy

An investigation into the stress conditions of critical and lifeline infrastructure in South-Eastern Ghana using the maximum likelihood estimation method; Petrographic and structural analysis of Paleoproterozoic Birimian granitoids and associated rocks of Boankra areas in the Kumasi Basin of Ghana; b-value Estimation for the Greater Accra Metropolitan Area

Member – Central Laboratory Committee
2nd UTAG Treasurer, UESD


Grants/Funds won

Member – Ghana Science Association (GSA)
Member – Ghana Institution of Geoscientists (GhIG)
Member – Ghana Nuclear Society (GNS)
Member – African Science Frontiers Initiatives (ASFI)

Design and performance evaluation of a small-scale waste-to-energy technology for sustainable waste management and energy generation (2022 – 2024). Jospong Environmental Sanitation Research Fund (JESRF) Award. Amount: GHC 98,433.50