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Legal and Policy Unit

Welcome Message

Welcome to the University of Environment and Sustainable Development’s Legal and Policy Unit, dedicated to assisting the University with legal issues, representations, and compliance in a fair, vibrant, prospective, and coherent academic environment.


The Legal and Policy Unit of the University is mandated to provide efficient legal advice and adaptable policies for the development of the University.

Mission: In serving the interest of the University, the office pursues excellence in the quality of services provided to the University and maintains the highest standards in the provision of comprehensive, efficient legal advice and adaptable policies towards the development of the University.

Vision: To create both staff-centered and University oriented legal and policy Unit thriving in ‘HOPE’ and excellence for the future that consistently achieves the best outcomes and representative service

Principles: Teamwork, Efficiency and Commitment.


  1. Drafting policies;
  2. Drafting and scrutinizing Memorandum of Understanding (MOU);
  3. Drafting and scrutinizing contracts;
  4. Drafting proposals;
  5. Legal representation and advisory role;
  6. Educating staff on the impact of existing Laws and Statutes.