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Examinations Unit

The Examinations Unit is an office under the Academic Affairs Division that oversees the integrity of UESD’s examinations. The Unit exhibits honesty in all examination processes in accordance with the University’s Core Values of Honesty, Opportunity, Perseverance and Enterprising (HOPE).

Vision: To be a leading unit that develops and maintains a high standard of academic integrity in the way USED administers exams.

Mission: To administer streamlined, reliable exams at UESD that radiate honesty and opportunity for success.

Principles: Honesty, Integrity and Perseverance (HIP)


  1. Provides logistics and security for examinations
  2. Printing, safekeeping and safeguarding of all examination questions
  3. Internal and External Examiner’s matters
  4. Maintenance of examination attendance registers.
  5. Submission of scripts to markers
  6. Processing of returned marked scripts
  7. Provision of examination related services.
  8. Scheduling and coordinating for examination invigilation
  9. The Registration and Timetable
  10. Preparation of Academic Calendar
  11. Registrations for examinations and re-sits for all courses
  12. Coordinate the preparation of Teaching and Examination scheduling/Time-Tabling
  13. Allocation of lecture theatres/rooms and examination centres
  14. Secretaryship of relevant Committees/Boards (eg, Time-Table Committee)

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