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Academic Affairs Division

The Academic Affairs Division of the University of Environment and Sustainable Development (UESD) provides strategic planning on all academic matters in the University.

Vision: To become the focal point for creating excellent systems in support of teaching, learning and dissemination of knowledge throughout UESD.

Mission: To equip students with all the relevant tools, systems and knowledge required to make a change in environment and sustainable development order.


1.Provide strategic planning on academic matters.

  1. Coordinate the development and implementation of academic policies of the University.
  2. Provide policy options on academic matters for the consideration of the Interim Academic Board, and Senior Management through submission of papers and memoranda.
  3. Coordinate and supervise Examinations, Affiliations, Admissions, Sports, Graduation and Matriculation, Outreach programmes on admissions.
  4. Liaise with Deans/Heads of Department on appointment of moderators and external examiners.
  5. Liaise with National Examining and Supervisory Bodies for equivalences of academic qualifications.
  6. Keep the Matriculation Register on behalf of the Registrar.
  7. Liaise with the office of the Dean of Students Affairs.
  8. Servicing various University Committees.
  9. Liaise with the Examinations Unit in planning for University Examinations.
  10. Liaise with the Interim Timetable Committee in preparation of draft/provisional semester and final examinations timetable for approval by the Interim Academic Board.
  11. Oversees the activities of the Admissions and Students Records Unit.
  12. Maintain student admission records and statistics.
  13. Liaise with WAEC for verification of results of prospective applicants.
  14. Any other duties assigned by the Registrar


  1. Admissions and Students’ Records
  2. Examination and Planning
  3. Faculty Officer- SSD
  4. Faculty Officer- SNES