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Academic Planning and Quality Assurance Unit

The Academic Planning and Quality Assurance Unit (APQAU) of the University of Environment and Sustainable Development (UESD) has the mandate to ensure quality of service delivery, compliance with statutory regulations of the University and regulatory bodies, and quality arrangements governing higher education in Ghana and global quality assurance as well as promoting best academic practices.

The mandate of the Unit is paramount to the University of Environment and Sustainable Development’s objectives of improving academic quality of teaching, learning and research to produce students who exude HOPE (i.e. students who are Honest, take Opportunities, Perseverance and Enterprising).

To achieve this, the Unit envisions to bring HOPE to the University Community by establishing a robust APQA system that seeks to promote and safeguard high quality standards and good academic management practices. The Unit has set out some specific objectives as to:

  • Establish APQA policy framework.
  • Advise the Academic Board on the determination and maintenance of acceptable levels of academic standards with respect to teaching, learning and research;
  • Ensure compliance with relevant University policies and best institutional practices;
  • Disseminate, on a regular basis, matters related to quality enhancement to the University community, Ghana and beyond;
  • Liaise with Deans and Heads of Department of the University to deliver quality education.
  • Provide advice and feedback to Schools/Department/ Sections/Units heads of the University;
  • Conduct departmental reviews at least every five (5) years, to be preceded by self-assessment exercises and quality audits;
  • Coordinate the periodic review of curriculum of all academic programmes in the University;
  • Develop tools for the assessments and evaluation of teaching and learning;
  • Conduct student evaluation of teaching and courses, every semester;
  • Coordinate internal and external quality assurance activities;
  • Facilitate and oversee the preparation of quality audits, self-studies, quality assurance reviews, surveys, staff training and development initiatives in collaboration with the Human Resources Division;
  • Conduct evaluation of all employee services every semester;
  • Conduct evaluation and collate quality assurance reports;
  • Perform any other functions relating to quality assurance as may be assigned to it by the Council and/or the Academic Board; and
  • Organize annual exit surveys of graduating classes and to periodically undertake tracer, students’ satisfaction survey and employer surveys.

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