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Congratulations for choosing the University of Environment and Sustainable Development (UESD) and welcome to our unique environment. I wish to thank the Council and the entire staff of this University for the confidence and responsibility reposed in me to lead the UESD team.

It is my conviction that for the imperative convenience of its global clientele, UESD aspires to be global in its offerings, structuring of programmes, and manner of doing business.

My vision, as Vice-Chancellor, is for the University to be a leading university in the teaching, learning, and dissemination of knowledge related to developments in environment and agro-business, and create knowledge through research for national development. This is in line with the overall goals of universities to generate knowledge, disseminate information universally, and provide community service through teaching, research, and socio-cultural engagements with the community at large for the public good.
In the early years of our University, it is my vision to lay the necessary foundations to build the University to be the leader in its mandate.
To achieve our universal mandate, UESD, like all other higher educational institutions uphold its enabling instruments, including the law establishing the institution, the UESD Act 2015, Act 898, the Statutes, and other regulations and conventions that guide our operations.

We shall harness the collective talents and expertise of faculty, students, and non-academic staff to generate and disseminate knowledge to students and society and supervise the development of appropriate curricula and their mode of delivery.
At UESD, we exist to produce students endowed with Honesty, who take advantage of Opportunities, who Persevere and are Enterprising (HOPE), and having the skillsets needed to confront the challenges of the current generation and beyond as transformational leaders. The UESD education is therefore geared at producing graduates of HOPE, who exude HOPE, and would offer HOPE to a world seen by a significant proportion of people as going into a state of hopelessness. At UESD, we are guided by the principle of turning raw materials (our students) into very fine products (graduates) fit for the global job market and the world of work.

Leadership is about inspiring and empowering people; dreaming and visioning, combined with a determination to achieve the dream or vision. We recognize that “academic leadership represents leadership in the complex academic institution where the main goal of the enterprise is not the growth of market share, but intellectual excellence; not increased productivity in economic terms, but increased intensity of thinking for the public good”.
Academic leadership also involves managing the needs of the human element in the institution and coordinating the activities of the various stakeholders to achieve harmony in the pursuit of the goals of the institution as well as dealing with the international dimension of the institution. This, I promise to endeavour to lead the young, strong, patriotic, courageous, daring, and beautiful minds and hearts here in the University as faculty and staff.

I am delighted to note that we are making good strides because UESD is tapping her energy from the living God. Also, it continues to engage itself with the formation of a society that believes in the creation of knowledge, power, and wealth for the common good. Please browse our website, do not hesitate to make the necessary contacts for collaboration for research and studies.

On behalf of the Governing Council, Management, and the entire UESD community, I heartily welcome you to the UESD.
UESD would succeed.

Best wishes

Thank you

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