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Department of Built Environment


The Department of Built Environment is in the process of mounting exceptional undergraduate programmes that will prepare students for the world of work. Highlights of the educational experiences we seek to offer at the Department are as follows:

  • small class sizes, optimum coupling of lectures and hands-on-experiences,
  • dedicated faculty with extensive academic qualifications and industry experience,
  • personal attention and mentorship,
  • exchange programme activities
  • diverse student organization presence, and
  • strong professional/industry connections.


The Department of Built Environment will commence with three (3) programmes

  1. Bachelor of Science in Architecture and Sustainable Development
  2. Bachelor of Science in Urban Planning and Development
  3. Bachelor of Science in Construction Management and Sustainable Technology

The programmes are strongly connected to one another, which reflect how they are interrelated at the professional work environment. Due to this professional connection, the delivery will be closely linked both from an organisational and content point of view


The Vision of the Department of Built Environment is to be an internationally recognized as an emerging Centre for Excellence in promoting the synergistic relationship between the built environment, social, economic, cultural, political, and environmental development.


The Mission of the department is to train professionals who are uniquely poised and prepared to enter the workforce as entrepreneurs and leaders of the design profession and construction industry locally and globally.

We seek to balance the development of technical knowledge and skills with the cultivation of professional values, entrepreneurial and leadership abilities necessary for success in our knowledge and innovation-based economy.


The goal of the department is to train professionals, who would then become skilled in the built environment space.

The objectives of the department include:

  1. Academic Programmes Development
  2. Establish the department of Built environment with three units (Architecture and Sustainable Development; Urban planning and Development; Construction Management and Sustainable Technology
  3. Introduce market-driven academic programmes
  4. Introduce Sandwich programmes
  • Human Resources Development
  • Attract and recommend world-class, high-calibre faculty and administrative staff for the department
  • Develop faculty with credible and internationally acceptable research output
  • Facilitate teamwork to enhance performance
  • Collaborative Academic Linkages/ Strategic Business Partnerships
    • Build relations with local and international institutions.
    • Plan and implement a strategic business partnership plan.
  • Marketing of UESD Department of Built Environment
  • Promote the departments’ programmes as a brand
  • Communicate the significance of the new department
  • Promote research and publications