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Office of International Education (OIE)

The Office of International Education (OIE) is one of the offices under the Vice-Chancellor’s Office in fulfillment of one of UESD’s ten (10) Strategic Priorities (Strategic Goal Six (6), which is to: create an International Students, Faculty, and Staff Directorate within its mandate as established by Act 898, 2015.

It is mandated to provide leadership and advocacy for pursuing and supporting international education and engagement.

The OIE is to forge a solid partnership and foster an atmosphere that is receptive to collaboration with foreign partners, organizations and students. It will serve as the central point in the University for the management of all international partnerships and agreements between UESD and other institutions.

 The OIE will collaborate with the Schools/Faculty, Departments, and Units and partners across the world to expand the global learning and innovation network of the university. The scope of the OIE will be to facilitate partnerships and monitor the implementation of all activities in UESD-signed agreements.

The OIE oversees the recruitment of international students and provides guidance and support services to the international student community through every stage of their educational journey; from application through to opportunities after studying.


  • To create a platform for networking for students and employees of the University with relevant actors within national and international organizations and NGOs, with a global scope in focus;
  • To reinforce the international prestige and recognition of the UESD as well as increase its visibility by transferring experience, contacts and success stories;
  • To map and identify relevant opportunities for UESD in the international space;
  • To promote long-term high-quality collaborative development and their expansion;
  • To promote staff and students’ exchange.
  • To promoting gender equity, inclusion and diversity in international student enrolments as well as faculty and staff appointments


  1. Coordinate issues and programmes relating to international education;
  • Recruit international students and scholars for UESD;
  • Develop and implement all of the University policies and strategies on the establishment of study abroad and student exchange programmes;
  • Manage all Memoranda of Understanding or partnership agreements with international institutions within and outside Ghana; 
  • Manage and provide the needed assistance to all visiting and exchange students, faculty members, and staff of our international partner institutions;
  • Ensure that UESD is compliant with its immigration responsibilities;
  • Manage the process of international students’ application by working with the Admission Office;
  • Represent the University at meetings for planning cultural agreements and technical assistance programmes.


Dr. Pardikor Madjitey
Head Office of International Education
Mr Festus Ntim-Gyakari
Junior Assistant Registrar
Mrs. Linda-Gold Kaye
Senior Administrative Assistant
Mrs. Lydia Boaduwa Ayensu-Atenka
Senior Administrative Assistant
Philip Adamtey Agor
Senior Administrative Assistant