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Dean of Students Affairs

Welcome Message

The Office of the Dean of Students Affairs provides welfare support services for students during their stay at UESD. The office assists students to appreciate the university system and its procedures both at the social and academic levels.

The office also encourages and provides leadership and entrepreneurial opportunities for students to develop and enhance their career skills.  Students are emboldened to be part of decision-making processes, advocacy and conflict resolution.

The Office together with other offices and divisions provides welfare and information services for students. 

Students are encouraged to visit our offices for their enquires, suggestions and requests.

VISION: To assist students to understand the specific and general terms of how the University operates at social and academic levels.

MISSION: To provide opportunities for students to develop and enhance their leadership and managerial skills by involving them in decision-making processes, supporting advocacy for students, and providing and engaging them in conflict resolution techniques.


The Office of Student Affairs (OSA) provides support to students for their educational career, leadership, and social and personal needs through involvement in student organisations, service programmes, and campus events. 

The Office is student-centered and dedicated to assisting, supporting, developing, empowering, and enriching students in and outside the lecture room. 


  • Student Guidance and Counseling
  • Student Representative Council Affairs 
  • Students’ accommodation and Residence Life
  • Student Conduct and Discipline
  • Academic Advising Services
  • Financial Aid Services
  • Information and Technological Services
  • International Students Affairs
  • Administrative activities of the Secretariat


Dr. (Mrs) Daniella Delali Sedegah
Dean of Students
Mr. Albert Kwesi Bondzie
Assistant Registrar
Mr. Isaac Orleans Boham
Assistant Registrar
Ms. Linda Anita Neequaye
Junior Assistant Registrar
Mr. Emmanuel Gaison
Junior Assistant Registrar
Miss Belinda Mawutor Dagba
Senior Administrative Assistant