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The UESD Environment

Our Campus

Our campus is located at Somanya, in the Eastern Region of Ghana. It is sandwiched between the picturesque Akwapim Range and the verdant Krobo Hills. The coastal savanna provides a favourable climate for several mango plantations that surround our campus. This, combined with the surrounding hills and mountains, provides a refreshing sweet-scented breeze even in the harmattan season. The landscape is drained by streams that meander gently through the land ensuring a permanently green vegetation.

The rich and unique culture of the indigenous Krobo people provides a welcoming social ambience to all and sundry.

Our well-planned campus ensures easy access to all key facilities and buildings with streets lined by trees for refreshment and street lights to guarantee maximum security.

Administration Block

The energy efficient administration block is surrounded by lush green lawns and serves as the management hub, housing most of the key offices of the University:

  • Office of the Vice-Chancellor
  • Office of the Pro Vice-Chancellor
  • Office of the Registrar
  • Directorate of Finance
  • Directorate of Internal Audit
  • Directorate of Physical Development and Estate Management
  • University Relations Office

It also has a Council Chamber for holding important meetings.

Lecture Hall Complex

The four-storey Lecture Hall Complex comprises various lecture halls with a total seating capacity of 1,545 primarily for teaching and learning. It also houses a computer laboratory and a video conferencing room. The complex is equipped with special features designed to be user friendly to everyone especially the physically challenged. Other key facilities and offices in this complex include:

  • University Library
  • Office of the Dean of Students
  • School of Sustainable Development
  • School of Natural and Environmental Sciences
  • Directorate of Information Technology Systems and Operations

Laboratory Complex

The University boasts of an ultra-modern laboratory complex with modern scientific equipment and apparatus. This facility houses six (6) laboratories namely:

  • Senior Biology Laboratory
  • Senior Chemistry Laboratory
  • Special Laboratory (Advanced Research)
  • Geography Laboratory
  • Physics Laboratory
  • Biology Laboratory
  • Chemistry Laboratory

Multipurpose Hall

The ultra-modern styled and iconic-cladded multi-purpose facility serves as a venue for most University events made up of the following:

  • A 252-seater capacity hall for conferences, training sessions, seminars and workshops;
  • A 100-seater capacity cafeteria with a modern kitchen;
  • A 50-seater capacity hall that serves as the Senior Members’ Cafeteria;
  • A forecourt for mass events such as Commencement Lecture and Matriculation.

Students Hostel

The students’ hostel has a 78-bed capacity state-of-the-art facility with provision made on the ground floor for students with special needs. It has a porter’s lodge, a sick bay, a TV room, a laundry room with washing machines, several washrooms with modern fixtures and fittings, two fitted kitchenettes and two dining areas.

Water Treatment and Distribution Stations (Technical Area 1)

Water Treatment and Distribution Stations (Technical Area 2)

Water Recycling Plant

The University possesses advanced water treatment systems which ensure safe and cost-effective water supply for all parts of the campus. The specialised water treatment plants at Technical Area 1&2 treat and recycle sewage for use in the washrooms. The treatment processes comply strictly with the requirements of the Environment Protection Agency (EPA).

Similarly, UESD has three boreholes with large reservoirs; a Rainwater Harvesting System collects and filters rainwater to supplement other water supply systems on campus. These water systems amount to, perhaps, the most sustainable water management and supply system in any Ghanaian university.