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Dr. Angela Kyerewaa Ayisi-Addo


Sustainable Development
SSD Lecturers' office, 2nd Floor, Lecture block.




Dr. Angela Kyerewaa Ayisi-Addo (formerly known as Angela Kyerewaa Akorful) is a Lecturer in the Department of Sustainable Development and Policy within the School of Sustainable Development in the University of Environment and Sustainable Development (UESD), Somanya, Ghana. Angela holds a Ph.D. in Adult Education & Human Resource studies (University of Ghana), MPhil in Adult Education (University of Ghana), BA in Philosophy & History (University of Ghana) and a Diploma in Human Resource Management. Angela also studied as a DAAD scholar at the Julius Maximillian University of Wurzburg, Germany. Prior to working with UESD, Angela worked as a Principal Programme Officer and headed the Curriculum & Materials Development Unit of the Non-Formal Education Division, now, the Complementary Education Agency in the Ministry of Education where she coordinated the development and review of teaching and learning materials. She was also involved in training facilitators and promoting literacy programmes nationwide. Her roles in the Division exposed her to working with different organisations like UNESCO, World Education, MiDA, World Reader, NaCCA and Ecobank Ghana. Angela’s career in academia evolved over the years through her work as a Graduate Assistant, Teaching Assistant and Tutor (all at the University of Ghana) and Lecturer (at the Kings University College). As an interdisciplinary social scientist, Angela teaches and conducts research in sustainable development, community education and development, gender and development, literacy, lifelong learning, environmental education and human resource management. Her keen interest mainly focuses on empowerment and participation of vulnerable groups in development, environmental sustainability and lifelong learning. She therefore combines education with professionalism to empower, transform and promote lifelong learning among individuals for sustainable development.

1. Sustainable Development
2. Community Education and Development.
3. Literacy and lifelong learning
4. Gender and Development
5. Teaching and learning
6. Environmental education

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Positions Held & Hold

Honours & Awards

1. University of Environment and Sustainable Development (Lecturer)
2. Non-Formal Education Division (Principal Programmes Officer)
3. University of Ghana (Tutor, Teaching Assistant, Graduate Assistant)
4. Kings University College (Lecturer)
5. Research Fellow (Associate for Change)

1. External examiner (University of Ghana)
2. Reviewer (Wiley, Higher Learning Research Communications)
3. Acting Deputy Director-Curriculum and Materials Development Section (NFED)
4. Unit Head- Basic Literacy (NFED)
5. Unit Head – Materials Development (NFED)
6. Trainer-of-Trainers (NFED)

1. Pan-African Doctoral Academy Scholarship, University of Ghana -2019
2. DAAD scholarship, Julius Maximillian University of Wuerzburg, Germany, 2018
3. Book Award, Outstanding Performance, University of Ghana – 2007/2008
4. Best student of Economics, Okuapemman Secondary School, Ghana – 2002/2003