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Dr. Matthew Nkoom

PhD, MSc, BSc.

Lecturer, School of Built Environment

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Dr. Matthew Nkoom, a Lecturer at the University of Environment and Sustainable Development, Somanya-Ghana, holds a PhD in Environmental Science and Engineering from Hohai University, Nanjing-China, a Master of Science degree in Environmental Science, from Wageningen University, Wageningen-Netherlands, and a Bachelor of Science degree in Renewable Natural Resources from University for Development Studies, Tamale-Ghana. As an environmental toxicologist/chemist, he is keenly interested unraveling the effects of xenobiotics in aquatic organisms. His area of research includes water quality monitoring and assessment, bioconcentration and biological effects of Pharmaceuticals and Personal Care Products, health risk assessment of emerging contaminants and waste management. He has about 10 years research and 2 years of lecturing experience with over 25 publications in referred journals.

1. Water quality monitoring and assessment
2. Bioconcentration and biological effects of Pharmaceuticals and Personal Care Products
3. Health risk assessment of emerging contaminants
4. Waste management”

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