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Robert Kwame Senu


Built Environment
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I am currently an Assistant Lecturer of Sustainable Construction Management and Technology in the Department of Built Environment with a comprehensive educational background, holding a MPhil. in Construction Technology/Management from the University of Education, Winneba-Kumasi Campus, BSc. Construction Technology Education from the University of Education, Winneba-Kumasi Campus with full commitment to superiority and ever-ready to learning new things. Ready to serve humanity in humility with the best of my ability in research, management, construction, technology and engineering to improve living condition of the people, bringing smiles to the faces of the people through community life building and cooperative system development with policy formulation and implementation. I have worked with Ghana Education Service as a subject teacher and classroom teacher for more than twenty years before joining UESD in December, 2022.
MY hobbies at the moment are Reading, Watching TV, playing games and Weaving of Kente.

1. Standardization of sustainable construction practices
2. Industrialization of the construction in Ghana
3. All-inclusive education
4. Construction and gender
5. Professional certification and competency transfer
6. Labour cost management
7. Construction workers’ compensation
8. Built environment and waste management

1. Senu R.K. (2023b). Provision of Educational Infrastructure and Its Direct Effect on Teaching and Learning Outcomes. its.html#:~:text=Quality%20educational%20infrastructure%20provides%20conducive,is%20essential%20for%20economic%20growth.

2. Senu R.K. (2023a). The Impact of Standardization and Industrialization on the Quality and Sustainability of Construction Projects in Ghanaian Construction Sector. 16.10.2023-Article.

3. Senu R.K., Tsorgali M.K and Bonney, O. S. (2023). Comparative study of performance properties of ordinary Portland cement (OPC) and pozzomix cement sandcrete blocks. International Journal of Construction Engineering (IJCE), Volume 5, Issue 1, (July-December, 2023). Accepted and yet to.

December, 2023
Participant: Pan-African Doctoral Academy (PADA) University of Ghana. Managing the doctoral process and Presentation skills. 11th December to 22nd December, 2023
September, 2023
Presenter: 3rd Sustainable Development Conference.
Integration of Responsible Production and Consumption into Development Agenda of Developing Economies: Exploring Policies and Scientific Options. University of Environment and Sustainable Development from 6th to 8th September, 2023 at the University’s Multipurpose Auditorium

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Introduction to Construction Management
Built Environment and Sustainability
Research Methods
Information And Communication Technology
Construction Materials
Construction Maintenance
Construction Processes
Construction Marketing
Building Components and Finishes
Sustainable Construction Materials

Currently a member of University Teachers Association of Ghana (UTAG)

February, 2024
Team member of UESD Lecturers who won the Ministry of Environment, Science, Technology and Innovation project on the Role of Technology in Enhancing Financial Inclusion of Women under the Agrobusiness and Agro-innovation to Promote Technology and Innovation for Livelihoods on the project entitled “Enhancing financial inclusivity for women in the informal sector through access to financial technology systems in the Oti, Western North and Upper West Regions of Ghana.