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Robert Kwame Senu


Built Environment



Publications / Articles / books / book chapters

1. Comparative study of the performance properties of sandcrete blocks manufactured in the laboratory and the field with portland cement and pozzomix cement.

2. Assessing the determinant characteristics for the selection of cement for sandcrete blocks

3. Investigating toxin substance in building finishes in housing for human inhabitant (polish, oil paint, emulsion paint, turpentine)

4. Investigating the role and responsibilities of key stakeholders (institutions) in affordable housing in Ghana

5. Sustainability of Ghana’s construction industry as a key to economic growth and job creation

6. Assessing the impact of sustainable construction maintenance techniques/principles/policy on facility management in Ghana

7. The use of locally available building materials in promoting affordable housing in Ghana

8. Investigating the political ‘will’ in investing in the construction industry in Ghana to curtail wastage

9. Affordable housing financing through cooperative system in the rural areas of Ghana

10. Development of framework as an alternative to financing affordable housing in Ghana

11. Ghana national housing policies and enabling environment for affordability housing

12. Policy credibility in the construction industry

13. Insurance framework in the construction industry in Ghana

14. Determinant characteristics in harnessing and disseminating information on constituent of affordable housing

15. Household solid waste management challenges

16. Educational infrastructure development and teaching and learning

17. Effects of government abandoning projects on teaching and learning in tertiary institutions in Ghana

18. Assessment of tertiary students’ interest in carrying out a research project work

19. Benefits derived from government spending on road infrastructure development in Ghana

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2. Senu R.K. (2023a). The Impact of Standardization and Industrialization on the Quality and Sustainability of Construction Projects in Ghanaian Construction Sector. 16.10.2023-Article.

3. Senu R.K., Tsorgali M.K and Bonney, O. S. (2023). Comparative study of performance properties of ordinary Portland cement (OPC) and pozzomix cement sandcrete blocks. International Journal of Construction Engineering (IJCE), Volume 5, Issue 1, (July-December, 2023). Accepted and yet to.