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BSc, MSc, PhD

Sustainable Development/Department of Water Resources and Aquaculture Management
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Publications / CONFERENCES:

Dr. Christian Larbi Ayisi is a lecturer of Fisheries and Aquaculture. He has over a decade of research and professional working experience with over 55 research articles in referred journals and a book chapters. He works at University of Environment and Sustainable Development (UESD), Somanya, Ghana. His major areas of research include but not limited to water quality analysis, use of plant based lipid and protein as replacement for fish oil and fish meal respectively in diets of tilapia, use of plant extracts as immune boosters for catfish. In addition, his research focuses on feeding of Bagrid catfish. Dr. Christian Larbi Ayisi has strong interest in the application of econometric models in studying fisheries. His research is mostly collaborative research with international researchers/professors. Dr. Christian Larbi Ayisi has developed skills such as Cloning and Molecular Characterization, Gene Profiling/Expression, Water Quality Assessment, Biochemical Composition Analysis, Statistical Analysis.

Fish Nutrition, Aquatic Ecology, Aquatic Toxicology, Fish Seed Breeding and Genetics, Water Quality Assessment, Fisheries Economics and Modelling

Peer Reviewed Articles
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Honours & Awards

1. Lecturer- University of Environment and Sustainable Development, 2020-Date
2. Lecturer- University for Development Studies, 2018-2020
3. Teacher- W.B.M Zion Senior High, 2011-2012
4. Teacher- Presbyterian College of Education Demonstration J.H.S, 2005-2007

Asian Fisheries Society-Member University Teachers Association of Ghana-Member
Ghana Science Association-Member Ghana Animal Science Association-Member