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Dr. Lloyd Larbi

PhD, MPhil, BSc.

Department of Environmental Science and Education
Multipurpose lecture block. First Floor



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Dr. Lloyd Larbi is a Lecturer in the Department of Environmental Science and Education. He holds a Ph.D. in Environmental Science from University of Ghana, an MPhil in Environmental Science and a B.Sc. in Oceanography and Fisheries Science also from the University of Ghana. He has been a Guest Researcher under DEMIS Doctoral Education in Environmental Management Information Systems project at the Department of Computer Science at University of Oldenburg in Germany and Pedagogical University in Mozambique. Dr. Larbi is experienced in Ecological principles, Safety and Health, Wildlife conservation and processes involved in Risk assessment. He has provided expert advice on various concerns such as climate change adaptation, coastal zone management, waste management, aquatic ecosystem health and environmental education. He can be reached via email and phone +233(0)242106034.

1. Climate Change Impacts, Adaptation and Mitigation Studies
2. Environmental Quality Monitoring,
3. Wildlife Conservation and Biodiversity Studies,
4. Water Resources Management
5. Environmental Stewardship and Governance
6. Disaster Risk Reduction.
7. Green Environment research

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After his Ph.D. work, Dr. L. Larbi spent two years working as an Environmental Science Lecturer and the Coordinator for Campus operations at the University College of Agriculture and Environmental Studies, Bunso in the Eastern region of Ghana. He has experience also in Environmental Education and outreach.