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The University of Environment and Sustainable Development (UESD) has drawn down the curtain on its two-week HOPE Roadshow project, designed to give students an insight into the core values of the university.

 The last few days of the conference saw the likes of Citi FM’s Morning Show host and motivational speaker, Mr. Bernard Koku Avle, UPSA’s  2021 Valedictorian, Mr. Ali Inusah, and a young social media strategist and entrepreneur, Ms. Awurama Aseda Atobrah making presentations on topics that boarded on: Honesty, Opportunity, and Entrepreneurship.

Mr. Avle, speaking on the theme: ‘Honesty – The Key to Success’ urged students of the University to exhibit Honesty and transparency as key ingredients necessary in their quest to a successful life during and beyond their stay on campus.

He said, transparency, truthfulness coupled with the exercise of good character will lead to the realization of one’s goal. He said, being transparent means having no ulterior motives and practicing fairness in all situations regardless of the consequences. He urged students to see integrity as an integer rather than a fraction. Mr. Avle attributed his success to the conscious efforts be made, to be honest to God, himself, and to his work.

The Session Chairman, Prof. Anthony Amoah, impressed on the students to always note that their success or failure in life depends on their own actions and inactions and the need to make smart decisions.

The valedictorian of the 2021/2022 graduating class of the University of Professional Studies’, Mr Ali Inusah, speaking on the topic ‘Opportunity-How far should I look?’  urged students to make good use of opportunities that come their way.

Mr. Inusah, a recipient of two academic scholarships in High School and his first degree in Accounting, revealed that as the last of many children of a Fulani herdsman, who often took the cattle out for grazing, he had no hope of attending University.   He noted that, he created his own opportunity by taking advantage of the peaceful environment on the field and carried his textbooks along to study whenever he took the cattle out for grazing.

He said, the action he took, resulted in his brilliant performance at the basic level and earned him government scholarships at the Senior High School and another at the Tertiary level where he graduated as the best Business student with 9A’s and 1B.

Mr. Inusah encouraged the students to attach seriousness to opportunities that come their way, irrespective of how small they appear and ‘vehemently’ refuse to take no for an answer.

He held that there are instances where opportunities may not be easily available, (like his case) and in such situations, instead of throwing their hands in despair, they should strive to create their own opportunities, as he did.

Mr. Inusah stated that success in life goes beyond only academic prowess and students can build their own opportunities by getting involved in extra-curricular activities including soccer, basketball, and games.

Speaking on Enterprising – The other thing,’ a social media strategist and an entrepreneur, Ms. Awurama Aseda Atobrah, called on students of the UESD not to only focus on their education but also strive to broaden their horizon by getting involved in as many entrepreneurial activities as possible.

Ms. Atobrah said, though the Ghanaian system of education trains graduates to serve as a workforce to feed the already existing industries and businesses, students and graduates of today will need to go a step further into identifying the challenges within their communities, brainstorm, and come out with entrepreneurial ideas, opportunities, and solutions relevant to turn round the challenges into advantages.

She said, for students to be able to identify such entrepreneurial opportunities, they need to be hardworking, innovative, ready to go the full haul, persevere, and keep in mind that for every additional challenge, there is a new opportunity created waiting to be exploited.

The Chairman of the HOPE Roadshow committee, Dr. Michael Odame, in his closing remarks, thanked the Vice-Chancellor, the Management, the teaching, and non-teaching staff, and the entire student body of the UESD for their support and participation.

The Vice-Chancellor, Prof. Eric Nyarko-Sampson, expressed the hope that the UESD HOPE Roadshow project will yield the results envisaged. He said the project shall be an annual event to ensure that the HOPE ideals are continuously drummed home.

The day’s activities were climaxed with a candlelight processing, on the theme: ‘Go light your world’, to serve as a clarion call to exude “Honesty, Opportunity, Perseverance and Enterprising skills in all our dealings”.