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GIZ Organizes Career Guidance and Counseling for Fresh Students

A career Guidance and Counselling session has been held for freshers of the University of Environment and Sustainable Development (UESD) to aid them in their career path.

The annual event which is the second to be held since the programme started running was held in the Auditorium of the Multipurpose Building. It was organized by the Department of Biological Sciences of the School of Natural and Environmental Sciences (SNES) & the Office of the Dean of Students in collaboration with the Centre for International Migration and Development, under the German Agency for International Cooperation, GIZ.

There were three presenters; Mrs. Beatrice Bridget Ofei, the CEO of Aims Consult-Africa, Ms. Stephanie Eyram Akrumah, an Environmental Consultant and Expert Facilitator at the Centre for Green Growth-Africa, and the Technical Advisor for Programme Migration for Development under GIZ, Mr. Cleanlight Kabutey Doku.

In the first (1st) presentation, Mrs. Beatrice Bridget Ofei, the CEO of Aims Consult, explained that her office is a partner of GIZ) that organizes training programmes for its clients. She took the students through career planning, self-discovery and understanding the world of work. Speaking on career choice and planning, Mrs. Ofei asked the students to think of final destination before taking the first step. She said, students should carefully think of what they want to achieve in future and work assiduously towards achieving the goal. She said, hard work leads to success eventually.

Mrs. Ofei encouraged students to identify their field of interest as students and work towards achieving the goal. They should also study the trends employers seek before offering employment. He said, conducting such research will help student steer their studies towards that particular goal.

Taking her turn, the 2nd presenter, Ms. Stephanie Eyram Akrumah spoke on; “Green Entrepreneurship and Career Guidance.” She said, job opportunities can be identified in the traditional sectors such as manufacturing, industry and construction, the students can work hard to get to. They can also end up with the renewable energy and energy efficiency sectors in the private and public sectors as well as international development organizations. The jobs include: soil and plant scientists, renewable energy consultant, water resource engineer, wind turbine technician, sustainability director and environmental analyst as some of the jobs available in the green sector economy.

She highlighted on green job opportunities and availability in Ghana and the world over. She said, some of the jobs in the green sector economy, be they in traditional sectors such as manufacturing and construction, or in new, emerging green sectors such as renewable energy and energy efficiency, all provides readily available jobs. Miss. Akrumah said these jobs can be identified in the private and public sector as well as international development organizations. She also encouraged student to be entrepreneurs in providing solutions to problems the effects of climate change presents. She said one can easily acquire funding for project(s) due to the urgency of the climate crisis, policy implementation and training opportunities.

In the final presentation, the Technical Advisor for Programme Migration for Development under GIZ, Mr. Cleanlight Kabutey Doku, explained that his organization puts together training programmes for educational institutions including colleges of education, universities and other tertiary institutions to assist students to identify, choose and work hard towards attaining and sustaining a career path of choice.

He said, the workshop for the UESD fresh men and women was to among other things to guide them on career choices and study opportunities in Germany. Mr. Kabutey said the workshop will also introduce the students to the German Academic Exchange Services, DAAD which facilitates students’ exchange programme between German Universities and other Universities worldwide.

He said, such opportunities offer students the opportunity to learn from different cultures and job internships. Mr. Kabutey said there are many scholarship opportunities in Germany and most of these opportunities covers tuition, family members benefit, travel expenses, health insurance, and monthly stipends.

Present at the workshop was the Dean of Student affairs, Mrs. Daniella Delali Sedegah, members of management, staff and students.