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‘Be Ambassadors of UESD’-Vice-Chancellor to Freshers

The Vice-Chancellor of the University Environment and Sustainable Development, Prof. Eric Nyarko-Sampson has called on the newly matriculated students of the University to hold themselves as ambassadors and role models to their peers and colleagues. This he said will draw prospective students into the University.

Prof. Nyarko-Sampson was delivering a speech speaking at the 3rd Matriculation of the University where Three Hundred and Forty-two (342) Students, fresh men and women, made up of One Hundred Seventy-three (173) females and One Hundred Sixty-Nine (169) males, were admitted into the School of Sustainable Development (SSD) and the School of Natural and Environmental Sciences (SNES) for a four-year programme.

The programmes under SSD includes; BSc. Sustainable Development, BSc. Energy Sustainability, BSc. Water Sanitation and Hygiene and BSc. For SNES, the programmes include: Environment and Public Health, BSc. Environmental Management, BSc. Nature Conservation Management and BSc. Chemistry and Mathematical Sciences.

The ceremony which was on the theme: Securing the Environment: Water, our Life, was attended by members of the University community including the Council Chairman, and Visiting Professors. Some Chiefs within the Eastern Regional enclave graced the ceremony.

The students took the Matriculation Oath and also swore the Honour Code administered by the Registrar, Mrs. Mary Abena Agyepong.

The Vice-Chancellor was happy at the steady increase in the student numbers. He said, “these numbers tell a story of a fast-developing university to all associated should pride themselves”.

He reminded the students that their primary focus is to successfully go through their programmes and graduate on time. They should take advantage of the facilities available to develop themselves and prepare for future opportunities and challenges.

Prof. Nyarko-Sampson stated that, Management has put in place measures to ensure that academic work goes on as smoothly as possible. It has for instance enhanced its internet bandwidth to aid academic and administrative work, the University’s library has been stocked with the best databases and academic resources of which the students should take advantage of. He also urged the freshers to access the office of the Dean of Students Affairs which has been re-structured to provide counselling services, students Advising Services, Students Financial Services and Students Technological Services.

The Vice-Chancellor drew the Matriculants’ attention to the students’ Handbook which was recently launched that governs their stay in the University. He said, the book contains sanctions for various offences which would be applied to the letter without fear or favour. He, therefore, urged asked them to familiarize themselves with it and should not be found wanting; ‘’in the university, there are rules, regulations and corresponding sanctions. Ignorance of the law, they say is no excuse, the Vice-Chancellor stated.

Prof. Nyarko-Sampson counselled the Matriculants to uphold the core values of the university; Honesty, Opportunity, Perseverance and Enterprising (HOPE) to help shape their future.  

The students’ expectations speech was delivered by: Ms. Princess Micah, of Sustainable Development (SSD) and Mrs. Anita Ansah Boafo of the School of Natural and Environmental Sciences (SNES).

They described the day as a memorable one and expressed their delight at being enrolled at UESD to be trained as resources to secure the environment and sustain development.

They stated that they have high expectations, and are hopeful that UESD would help nurture them into refined personalities, harness new social networks and build a future of Hope.

The students acknowledged the tradition of decent dressing as an important virtue to UESD and promised to uphold it. They pledged to work hard to learn and be ready to be challenged intellectually and morally. 

The Council Chairman of the University, Prof. Jonathan Narh Ayertey was also the Chairman of the ceremony. He said, the UESD is committed to providing an education that only equips them with the skill and knowledge to succeed in their chosen field and also empowers them to make a positive impact on the environment. He encouraged the Matriculants to take an active role in initiatives aimed at securing the environment in the area of research, volunteerism or advocacy.

The Chiefs within the Eastern Regional enclave who graced the ceremony were: Nana Ansah Kwao IV, Chief of Adumasa; Nana Akonnor Yaw V, Chief of Akwamu, Adome and Nana Nkansah Sefa I, Kyidomhene, Senchi.