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Department of Biological Sciences

Welcome to the website of the Department of Biological Sciences. The Department of Biological Sciences is one of the four (5) departments under the School of Natural and Environmental Sciences.

Science and mathematics research and education allows for the development of innovative tools and strategies to tackle the serious environmental challenges confronting humanity and to achieve sustainable development.  The knowledge and understanding generated through science and mathematics research also informs policymaking for addressing environmental and sustainable development challenges.  The critical role of science and mathematics in securing the environment and ensuring sustainable development prompted the University of Environment and Sustainable Development (UESD), which has the mission to train and produce graduates who are equipped with relevant knowledge and skills to be well-positioned as agents and partners in the identification and resolution of prevailing environmental and sustainable development challenges, to create the Department of Biological, Physical and Mathematical Sciences (DBPMS) to support the university’s mission.

The goal of DBPMS is to equip our students with top quality knowledge and skills in biology, chemistry, physics and mathematics to enhance their ability to deliver practical and innovative solutions and technologies to secure the environment and ensure sustainable development.  We envision to lead UESD to achieve its overarching vision to become a leading university in the teaching, learning and dissemination of knowledge related to developments in environment and agro-business, and create knowledge through research for national development, by means of cutting-edge research and innovative pedagogy. 


The Department is running the following programmes:

•           BSc Biological and Mathematical Sciences

•           BSc Chemistry and Biological Sciences

•           BSc Chemistry and Mathematical Sciences

•           BSc Chemistry and Physics

•           BSc Mathematics

•           BSc Physics and Biological Sciences

•           BSc Physics and Mathematical Sciences