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Department of General Studies


The Department of General Studies plays a critical role in the life of the University as it is responsible for developing and hosting all university required courses from Levels 100 to 300 which are mandatory to all students. These courses are aimed at equipping our students with requisite knowledge in the humanities, science and technology relevant to the developmental and sustainability needs of the country and beyond. The department has varied expertise to give students holistic education regardless of the primary fields of study.


To provide students with soft and basic skills needed for daily use and career purposes.


To run courses that will serve the schools, using modern pedagogical strategies informed by research to meet the demands of current and future situations of Ghana and the world.


  • Delivering Quality Prospect
  • Accountability
  • Standardization
  • Teamwork


  • Basic Mathematics
  • French for Beginners
  • English and Communication Skills
  • Academic Writing
  • Introduction to Ghanaian and African Studies
  • Gender, Leadership and Development
  • Psychology, Ethics and Emotional Intelligence
  • Environment and Health Education
  • Critical thinking and Analytical Reasoning
  • Information and Communication Technology