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The mining industry of Ghana, The small scale mining perspective, A blessing or a curse

By: Dr. Gibrilla Abass.

Ghana is the largest gold producer in West Africa and second in Africa. It is dominated by two main sectors namely, the large scale mining sector (LSM) and small-scale/artisanal small-scale mining (SSM/ASM). Within the small-scale gold mining sector is “galamsey”, a local term used in Ghana for illegal or unregulated gold mining operations. The galamsey operations are criticized heavily by the public, media and academia throughout the country due to their detrimental effects on water bodies, vegetation, wild animals, human health and safety. The majority believe that the effects far outweigh any possible economic benefits, hence calling for it outright abolishment. There is however, a few minority that opined that, galamsey operations should be formalized and regulated to minimize their potential effects. This seminar seek to explore the various types of galamsey, review some literature on the effect of galamsey on the environment and our water resources in relation to the sustainable development goals. The effect of government interventions will also be discussed. The final part will highlight the wayford and identify some opportunities for the University big Environment and Sustainable Development, UESD.