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In its quest to forge a collaboration between the University of Environment and Sustainable Development, (UESD), and industry, a six member delegation of Lecturers from the School of Sustainable Development of the University, has called on Management of Ghana Water Company, (GWCL) at its head office in Accra.

The meeting discussed four areas of possible partnership between the two institutions.

These were: boosting teaching and research, making current data of GWCL available to students of UESD, helping to review the content of academic programmes as well as students’ internship.

The acting Dean of the School of Sustainable Development, Prof. Anthony Amoah who was the leader of the UESD team said, a firmly built rapport between the GWCL and the UESD would create a win–win situation through the enhancement of transfer and impartation of expertise, knowledge and technical know–how from academia to industry and vice versa, while the experts at GWCL could also serve as a resource for the University.

This will help keep the students to be in touch with industry and also let them learn the practicality of the job. He posited, ‘in the same vain, UESD Lecturers, specialists in their various fields, can also serve as GWCL’s resource of valuable and reliable information from research findings on specific research projects needed to enhance overall productivity of the company’.


Prof. Amoah also proposed a periodic movement of Lecturers to industry for hands–on industrial work experience, particularly when they are on Sabbatical Leave.

This arrangement he explained, has the tendency of better positioning Lecturers to efficiently impart knowledge and train their students through a more holistic approach which merges theoretical and industrial experience.

The acting Dean indicated that with the expertise available at the School of Sustainable Development and the GWCL, a synergy between the two was worth considering for the sake of posterity.

Speaking on data access, Prof. Amoah said, the UESD is working to ensure that students are trained with the most recent data from the company for accurate predictions and knowledge impartation.

He was optimistic that collaboration between the two institutions will ultimately produce students who will be well equipped to take on modern trends of challenges.

Explaining the need for academic programme review partnership, another member of the UESD delegation, Dr. Michael Tuffour said, GWCL experts could help review SSD programme curricular and provide recommendations to help enrich the programme content.

In her contribution, the acting Dean of students, Dr. Delalli Daniella Sedegah was positive that admitting students to GWCL for internship has the ultimate advantage of enhancing the students’ practical knowledge of their areas of study and ensuring that they are fully trained and equipped with the requisite skills to face the world.

Another Lecturer, Dr. Gibrilla Abass, emphasized that the University is fully equipped with modern machines and equipment suitable for high–leveled research, data analyses and data interpretation and therefore urged management of GWCL to engage the University for all such specialized and specific projects.

Responding, the Managing Director of Ghana Water, Engineer, Dr. Clifford Braimah, commended management of UESD for its efforts to help build an environment which is safe and sustainable.

He was impressed with the programmes currently on offer at the University and pledged to help the University with its needs in order to realize that world–class teaching and learning trends envisaged for the students.

Engineer Dr. Braimah said, the partnership proposals in the four areas as mentioned above are very laudable and further endorsed the signing of an MOU to formalize the relationship.

He indicated that research by the lecturers to feed the GWCL data base will go a long way to improve on the activities of the company

The Chief Manager for Research, Technology and Innovation, of the GWCL, Engineer Richard Appiah Otoo cautioned the Lecturers to be circumspect in their publications and communication with the media so that information that is not for public consumption does not go out.

Other members of the UESD delegation were: Dr. Michael Tuffour, Ag. HoD for Water Resources and Sustainable Development, Dr. Andrew Limantol and Dr. Christian Larbi Ayisi.

From the GWCL side were: Dr. Remy B. Puoru, Deputy Managing Director of Finance & Administration: Ing. Jacob Yendor, Deputy Managing Director of Operations and Ing. Peter Deveer, Deputy Managing Director for Special Projects.
The others were: Ing. Zuikarnien Nashiru, Principal of Weija GWCL Training Schooll: Mrs. Eva Naa Eku Amoah, Chief Manager for Human Resource and Ing. Richard Appiah Otoo, Chief Manager for Research, Technology and Innovation: Mr. Christian Siawor, Chief Manager of Special Duties and Ing. Braimah Soale Rashid, Executive Assistant to the Managing Director).