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UESD 3rd Festival of Nine Lessons and Carols marked

The Vice-Chancellor of the University of Environment and Sustainable Development (UESD), Prof. Eric Nyarko-Sampson, has hinted of announcements to be made in the coming year about the milestones the University has reached. He gave the hint when he delivered his Christmas Message at the 3rd UESD Festival of Nine Lessons and Carols held on Thursday, 21st December, 2023, in the Auditorium Multipurpose Building on the theme, “Saviour to the World: Our Hope.”

The programme was attended by members of the university community and some guests from the Yilo Krobo Municipality including the Municipal Chief Executive, Hon. Eric Tetteh, the District Police Commander, Chief Superintendent Andrews Anyani and the GES Municipal Director of Education, Rev. Peter Bilson. The preacher was Rev. Oduro Mensah, the Minister in Charge, Grace Congregation, Somanya District, Okwenya and an Assistant Headmaster of Yilo Krobo Senior High School.

 In attendance were; the UESD Choir, Somanya Wesley Methodist Cathedral choir and members of the GES office, Yilo Krobo Municipal Assembly choir.

The side attraction was ‘’bring and share’’ and the participation of guests in the readings Nine Lessons.

Prof. Nyarko-Sampson recalled the events of the 2022/23 academic year, as eventful, highlighting the admission of its third batch of students, which represented a notable rise in enrollment compared to previous years. Other events included the University Council’s adoption of the UESD Statutes and the introduction of the UESD five-year strategic plan.

He stated that in spite of the fact that the university’s 2023 journey was an unforgettable roller coaster of happy and sad moments, “God has been good to us because we have believed in Him and with Him still serving as the university’s cornerstone, victory is always guaranteed.”

The Vice-Chancellor conveyed gratitude to those people and institutions that have been crucial to the expansion of the university.

He expressed appreciation to some individuals and organisations that have played  instrumental roles in the growth of the university. He further thanked staff for their hard work, commitment and dedication to the course of building the university the ‘’UESD way’’. He says that when staff of the university put the HOPE agenda forward, we create hope to have hope in the world.

Prof. Nyarko-Sampson extended his appreciation to the choirs for their outstanding performance. They are: UESD Choir, Wesley Methodist Cathedral Choir and GES Somanya Ofice Choir.

The Registrar, Mrs. Mary Abena Agyepong, explained the significance of the event by saying that the UESD Festival of Nine Lessons and Carols honours God’s kindness to the university community and that they should be grateful for it. She also led the audience to observe a minute’s silence for a staff member and a student who passed on this year.

In a sermon, the Minister-in-charge of Grace Congregation of the Presbyterian Church in Somanya, District, Okwenya, Rev. Oduro Mensah urged the congregation to recognise the significance of Jesus Christ’s birth for humanity. He said, because of humanity’s ongoing indulgence in heinous sin, a selfless offering was urgently needed to deliver them from an eternity of torment

He explained that the important but humble birth of Jesus Christ marked the beginning of this kind of sacrifice. According to Rev. Mensah, the only sure way for humanity to enter the throne room of grace is by Jesus Christ.

Rev. Mensah related it to the current circumstance by saying that, regardless of the difficulties or misunderstanding involved, exercising calm, caution, and restraint always helps to reduce tension and mend wounds in a timely manner to prevent unfavourable consequences.

He stated that Mary did not lie about her pregnancy and that even though she felt uncomfortable acknowledging her pregnancy, she had no intention of having an abortion. He stated that although it would seem embarrassing for today’s women to become pregnant before marriage, it actually presents a wonderful chance for them to be strong, honest about their circumstances, and never consider having an abortion. This is due to the possibility that one cannot predict the destiny of such unborn children, which is why considering an abortion is not something that should be done.