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GhIS donates five desk top computers to UESD

The Ghana Institution of Surveyors (GhIS) has donated five desk top computers valued at Fifteen Thousand Ghana cedis (Gh₵ 15,000.00) to the University of Environment and Sustainable Development, (UESD) at Somanya in the Eastern Region, at a short ceremony in the Council Chamber of the University.

The President of the Association, Surveyor Dr. John Amaglo presented the computers to the Registrar, Mrs Mary Abena Agyepong. It was witnessed by some members of the GhIS and Senior Members of the University.

Surveyor Dr. Amaglo, explained that the donation was made in response to a request by the University to support students in their learning. It was also presented as part of its social responsibility as an Association.

He said, as a young University, the GhIS will continue to lend its support to develop it and assured Management of collaborations ahead. He welcomed the signing of an MoU between the two bodies to undertake projects.

The President of GhIS, Surveyor Dr. John Amaglo, 3rd from left, front row. The Registrar of UESD, on Surveyor Dr. Amaglo”s left.

Receiving the computers, the Registrar of the UESD, Mrs Mary Abena Agyepong showed appreciation to the association for the kind gesture.

She reiterated that the UESD was inaugurated on the 5th of August, 2020, under UESD ACT (898) 2015. She quoted Section 2, which states that the University, ‘aims to provide high education, disseminate knowledge related to development and environment, agrobusiness education, and undertake research and foster relationship with people throughout the University according to our principles.’

She said, this section of the Act supports the move to foster a relationship between the UESD and the GhIS. The Vision of the UESD Mrs. Agyepong continued, is to be a leading University in the teaching, learning and dissemination of knowledge related to developments in environment and agro-business, and create knowledge through research for national development.’

The Registrar said, given the current happenings ‘around us’ with all the associated vices, the University Council has settled on the acronym, HOPE as the core values of the University, which stands for Honesty, Opportunity, Perseverance and Enterprising. Thus, the UESD Intends to churn out students who will exhibit Honesty in their dealings with society, take advantage of Opportunities that come their way, Persevere wherever they find themselves in life and be Enterprising.

Mrs Agyepong said, we want to demonstrate leadership in education through environment conservation and sustainable development to build and sustain partnerships to address local agro business and environment issues. We also want to create an environment that fosters sharing of ideas and greater infractions between staff students, faculty and also promote integrity, innovation and freedom of thought and inspiration among our students and this requires a lot of input.’ Mrs Agyepong stated that the Vice-Chancellor’s vision for the University has outlined clearly the use of technology to achieve it and also help in the development of the Community Engagement Unit of the University. She said the computers have come at a time when the University is employing the N-Computing technology which operates on the premise that the use of the computers would allow more users access.