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Students of UESD Exposed to Climate Change Issues at an EduConnekt Seminar

The Ag. Director of Climate Vulnerability and Adaptation at the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), Dr. Antwi-Boasiako Amoah has tasked students of the University of Environment and Sustainable Development (UESD), to use the knowledge they have acquired as learners of sustainability to help in the fight against the negative impacts of climate change.

He was speaking at an EduConnekt Seminar organized by the SRC of UESD in collaboration with the Youth Bridge Foundation, EP and the University Students Association of Ghana (USAG).

Speaking on the theme, Exposure to Multilateral Climate Change issues, Dr. Amoah who is also the National Coordinator for National Adaptation Plan Project, revealed that human activities are the main drivers of climate change. He mentioned improper farming methods, deforestation, emission of vehicle fumes, and industrial activities causing greenhouse emissions and the depletion of the ozone layer. He said, the excess emissions of greenhouse emissions ultimately lessen the ozone layer’s ability to serve as ceil against direct sun rays thereby increasing global warming and its inevitable result of climate change together with its devastating effects.

Dr. Amoah, revealed that the international community has over the past decades been exploring several strategies such as the ‘Framework Convention’ of 1992 and the ‘Kyoto Protocol of 1997. He continued that the Paris Agreement of 2016 is the most current strategy which is being deployed to cure the climate change menace. He said, though there have been difficulties, the international community is making great strides.

On the question of how to adapt to climate change, Dr. Amoah stated that one must observe keenly, the routine changes in the climate for more accurate forecasting which will inure to the benefit of farmers and all other defendants of atmospheric changes. Dr. Amoah also pointed out that since a greater proportion of climate change is caused by human activities, it would also be incumbent on all persons to reduce the level of emissions of carbon and other gases into the atmosphere and rather channel focus into creating and engaging in green jobs. This, he believes would significantly reduce the rapid depletion of the ozone layer.

The acting Head of the Department of Sustainable Development and Policy, and Chairman for the occasion, Dr. McApreko said, “the future has come, the future is here and the future is running away and so if there is anything to be done, then now is the time.” On this score, Dr. McApreko charged the students to apply themselves to become living embodiments of the enterprise against climate change and its devastating effects. He encouraged the students to choose careers related to climate change in order to positive impact on society.

Taking his turn, the President of the University Student Association of Ghana (USAG), Dr. Christian Anderson, commended the Executives of the UESD SRC for the great lengths they went to organise the seminar for the students to demystify the phenomenon of climate change. Dr. Anderson was full of praise for the Management of the University for the unique programmes it is running and its accompanying ultra-modern infrastructure and facilities. He said, as a Student Association with nationwide reach, he would make it the premier aim of USAG to tell the world about the activities of the University.