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Pro-Vice-Chancellor, Prof. Wiafe Debrah engages UESD potential partner  

A delegation from Prince-EL International School, in Accra has called on the Management of the University of Environment and Sustainable Development (UESD) at its campus at Somanya in the Eastern in a bid to explore forging partnership with it.

The leader of the delegation, Dr. Eudorah Kudiabor also the founder of school, was accompanied by some pupils of the school. They were received by the Pro-Vice-Chancellor Prof. Edward Wiafe Debrah at the Council Chamber which was joined by some Senior Members including the Director of Research Innovations (RICU) Research, Dr. Felicia Annin.  

Explaining the purpose of the visit, Dr. Kudiabor, also a Naturopathic doctor, said, her school focuses on the teaching and learning of Science Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) education, as well as sustainable living and holistic health.

She went on to say that as an educational institution, management was presented with the challenge of identifying a university that promoted sustainable living, a topic that parents had expressed worry about.Therefore, UESD was suggested to it, since the university was found to have objectives that coincided with the school.

In response, the Pro-Vice-Chancellor, Prof. Wiafe Debrah explained that due to the high records of environmental degradation, the government of Ghana passed a law in 2015 to establish the University of Environment and Sustainable Development. However, the university began its operations on 1st December, 2020.

Prof. Wiafe Debrah stated that the aim of UESD was to teach and train students on environmental issues and foster sustainable development goals. He outlined some key initiatives taken by the university such as its Community-Based Experimental Learning (CoBEL) for students entering level 300 who go and stay in some communities and profile them. He also mentioned students’ internship with industry and Memorandum of Understanding with institutions. The Pro-Vice-Chancellor, expressed delight about the visit and conveyed the university’s readiness to partner with Prince – EL International School.