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Jain University Explores Educational Opportunities with UESD

Some officials of the Sustainable Development Alliance (SUsDA) and Jain University, an accredited grade A++ University in India, paid a visit to UESD to acquaint themselves with the activities of the University. They were received by the Vice-Chancellor, Prof. Eric Nyarko-Sampson, in the company of the Pro-Vice-Chancellor, Prof. Edward Wiafe-Debrah, the Registrar, Mrs. Mary Abena Agyapong, and some Senior Members of the Council Chamber.

The Deputy Executive Director of SusDA, Mrs. Harriet N. Asante explained that SusDA, in partnership with We Care for Humanity, a US-based NGO, collaborates with several organisations, including Jain University. She stated that Jain University offers both online and onsite programmes. Through an MoU with Jain University and SUSDA, the NGO offers any Ghanaian student interested in pursuing the online programmes the opportunity to enrol at a minimal cost. Mrs. Asante continued that discussions have been held regarding the partnership with Jain University, and the organisation is reaching out to other universities to maximise these opportunities. The visit to UESD is part of this initiative.

Ms. Dyuthi Vasauth from the International Relations Office of Jain University made a PowerPoint presentation on the academic offers and courses that align with UESD’s programmes.

At the end of the presentation, the Vice-Chancellor, Prof. Nyarko-Sampson expressed gratitude to Ms Vasauth for her insightful presentation. He noted India’s reputation for distance education and enquired. if Jain University offers such programmes, which was confirmed. He further stated that the presentation would be beneficial for level 400 students and expressed his intention to arrange a meeting with them when they return from vacation. Prof. Eric Nyarko-Sampson thanked the visiting officials and suggested the possibility of future collaborations, particularly in joint research.