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Access To Hand washing With Soap In Binduri District, UER: A Post -Sensitisation Investigation Of Drivers.

The effectiveness in complying with hygienic practices such as handwashing with soap hinges on knowledge or awareness through sensitisation. The United Nations International Children’s Emergency Fund, as part of measures to promote hygiene, designed and implemented a handwashing with soap sensitisation experiment and this study examined associated post-sensitisation drivers. The study finds personal (gender, education, age, occupation), Household (Household Size) and Community (Social Responsibility) level characteristics as the key drivers of using handwashing with soap facility in Binduri. The study highlights recommendations that bother on personal, household and community level drivers towards improving public health policies and practices.

By: Dr. Andrew Manoba LIMANTOL

Lecturer, Department of Water Resources and Sustainable Development, University of Environment and Sustainable Development (UESD)

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