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UESD Administrators Undergo Refresher Course

School Officers, Division and Unit Heads of the University of Environment and Sustainable Development (UESD) have undertaken a two-day refresher course in Committee Servicing, the Role of the Administrator in Promotion Processing, and the administering of Standard Operation Procedures (SoPs). It was organised by the University’s Human Resource Division.   

The resource person was the Secretary at the College of Humanities, University of Ghana, Legon, Mrs. Mavis Otoo Ayeh accompanied by a Senior Assistant Registrar Mr. Ransford Yeboah, also at the College.  

Mrs. Ayeh, an experienced university administrator stated that the Committee System is a legal requirement in educational settings.She gave the participants a glimpse into her experiences. According to her, serving on a committee is one of the responsibilities of an administrator in a university which also serves as an institutional style of management for higher education.

She stated the goals of the Committee System, which include generating ideas, delegating tasks and responsibilities, avoiding rash decisions, fostering academic freedom and collegiality, receiving technical advice and expertise, and directing official activities while keeping the university’s mission and vision in mind. It also restricts how discretionary power is used.

The types of committees an administrator is likely to serve on include; advisory, fact-finding, consultative, legislative planning and implementation, and general purpose.

When holding the position of secretary Mrs Ayeh cautioned the participants on the importance of understanding the terms of reference, mode of appointment of members, the type of activity the committee will undertake, and how the committee fits into the overall structure of the organisation.

In addition to maintaining a high level of secrecy, Mrs Ayeh advised members serving on committees to keep a notebook for minutes, maintain a positive working relationship with the chair and committee members, save phone numbers, create an email distribution list for members, take personal responsibility for compiling paperwork, oversee distribution, and carefully review documents before printing.

She pointed out that several technical terms need to be highlighted when preparing reports. Additionally, the discussion at the meeting should be accurately reflected in the minutes. The terminology used in the speech must be in the past tense and it must be recorded.

Mrs Ayeh also spoke on the importance of SoPs and the critical role of the Administrator in Promotion Processing

In her remarks, the Registrar of UESD, Mrs. Mary Abena Agyepong, acknowledged the invaluable contributions of the participants to the growth of the university. She explained that as a young institution, the administrators have been introduced to university procedures procedures including the Committee System and the SoPs, and expressed the hope that the refresher course will enhance their skills and output. They should also take advantage of modern trends to better their stills.