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Mineral Resource Governance and Human Development: The case of Western Ghana.


This study focuses on mineral governance and how it can contribute to ameliorating human development challenges in Ghana. The research adopted the human centered mineral resource governance approach to assess the mineral governance structure in Ghana and identified that, the current system is a colonial legacy and does not promote human development in Ghana. The study, whilst recognizing the legacies of colonialism, argues that for mineral resources to be managed responsibly to promote human development, there should be a paradigm shift to focus on how mineral resources are governed. As a result, the study, relying on the human centered development approach investigates how mineral resources can be governed to promote development in Ghana, with specific focus on the mineral wealth Western part of the country. Due to the finite nature of mineral resources, the human centered development approach argues that revenues from mineral resources should be invested in human capacity building and medical care delivery. Further, the mining sector should be integrated with other non-mining sectors of the economy to create jobs and provide alternative livelihoods to assist in the general expansion and growth of the country’s economy. Although this study is a case study of mineral governance in Ghana, it can serve as a springboard to appreciate the role mineral governance can play in promoting people centered development in other sub – Saharan mineral wealth countries.

By: Dr. Felix Danso.