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Lydia Obenewaa

HND, Dip

Senior Accounts Clerk
Main Administration


Lydia is currently with the Payroll unit of the University of Environment and Sustainable Development (UESD) ,Somanya.

Prior to joining UESD, she was working with Yilo Star Microfinance Ltd as an Accounts Officer. She was a member of the team that deployed the Company bespoke ERP Software with in-depth knowledge in computing the Bank of Ghana weekly and monthly Prudential Returns.

Lydia has over the years, gained varied experiences in the Financial Sector and is well versed with various Banking and Accounting software such as ORASS, SIKAPORTAL,GKUDI,TEKSOL and RHOMICOM in Microfinance Operations and Accounting as a whole.

She also has practical experience in Forex Trading, Credit Administration and Risk Management.