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Emmanuel Kitcher (PhD)


Director, DITSO



Publications / CONFERENCES:

Dr. Emmanuel Kitcher is the Director in charge of the Information Technology Systems and Operations (ITSO) Directorate, University of Environment and Sustainable Development, Somanya. He holds PhD in Computer Engineering Sciences (System Analysis, Management and Information Processing (Industry Option), MEng. (Hons), Information Systems Management and BEng. Informatics and Computer Engineering all from the Vladimir State University.
Dr. Kitcher is a results oriented Information and Communications Technologist, pioneering, designing and implementing IT solutions including Management Decision Support Systems for Institutions. He leverages over 18 years of professional experience in ICT infrastructural analysis; Development of IT support services to support management decision making.
He was a Senior Lecturer, Head of the IT Department and the Director of the IT Directorate at the Methodist University Ghana and later worked as a Senior Lecturer at the University of Professional Studies, Accra, teaching various IT courses. He has to his credit 9 professional articles published in international journals and 4 books in the field of Information and Communication Technology.

• Human Computer Interaction;
• Decision Support Systems;
• Artificial Intelligence;
• Cognitive Radio Systems

A. Articles:
1. Kitcher, E. and Lantsov, V.N. (2013). Software Implementation of Cognitive Radio Systems on an SDR-platform “GNU Radio”. National Science Journal of Design and Technology of Electronic Equipment, 4, 44 – 46.

2. Kitcher, E. (2013). Development of plug-in tools for GNU Radio Companion. International Science Journal of The State and Development Prospects of Electronic Technologies – Benardosovskie Reading, 17, 410 – 413.

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6. Kitcher, E. (2012). Genetic Algorithm for Multi-objective Optimization. National Science and Practical Conference for Postgraduate and Undergraduate Students. 38 – 39.

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1. Kitcher, E.P. (2019). The Human-side of Technology Adoption. ISBN: 978-9988-2-9402-1. Akrong Publications, Accra.

2. Kitcher, E.P. (2017). Neiling the Project: A comprehensive Guide to Tertiary Students’ Projects. ISBN: 978-9988-2-6352-2. Akrong Publications, Accra.

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C. Workshops:
• GIMPA-GARNET-NSRC Certificate on Campus Network Design Operations Workshop. GIMPA-Accra, Ghana. December, 2018.
• Empretec Entrepreneurship Certification Workshop. Empretec, Accra, Ghana. July, 2016.

• Faculty Certificate in Online Teaching and Learning (FCOT). Ghana Telecom University College. Tesano-Accra, Ghana. June, 2014.
• Oracle Technology Network Certification Workshop. Oracle University and Ghana-India Kofi Annan Centre for Excellence in ICT. Accra, Ghana. July, 2006.