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Directorate comprises four (4) main Divisions:

  • Physical Development
  • Estate Management
  • Surveying and Contract Management
  • Maintenance and Disaster Management


The Division is headed by Ing. John Awotwe and has two units namely:(a brief write-up about the division)

  • Estate Unit – Mr. Ransford Lartey (Coordinator)

This Unit is mandated to undertake activities in relation to the strategic planning, development alternatives, and operations of movable and immovable properties and their services to support teaching and learning and other University activities. The Unit prepares Asset  Register to support and assist the Fixed Asset Coordinating Unit’s work and provides relevant information to the University Community concerning the use of its facilities.

  • Grounds And Environmental Health Unit – Mr. Danso (Coordinator)

The Unit ensures that all facilities and the environment are kept clean and restrooms are well-stocked for use. The Unit also provides a conducive environment for both academic and administrative activities. It sees to the delivery of waste management and recycling services.

Surveying And Contract Management Division- Surv. Edward Abeiku Nyenku

  • Project Management Unit – Mr. Marfo (Coordinator)

This Unit undertakes activities involving policies, principles and procedures to guide projects from inception to completion. It also ensures that strict supervision of the construction projects is done to achieve state-of-the-art facilities that comply with statutory, regulations and international standards.

  • Quantity Surveying Unit

The Unit is responsible for coordinating all design (architectural and engineering) information into a workable budget and managing project finances. It collaborates with other Units to draft technical and financial proposals to both public and private agencies for funding support.  It is responsible for vetting all payment certificates, assessment reports and contract documents submitted by the external consultants before processing for payments. The staff in the unit are also trained to give advice on cost, landed property, project management, feasibility studies, etc. to achieve cost-effectiveness and value for money for the University.

Physical Development Division

  • Architectural And Planning Unit

The Unit is a lead player in the development of projects from the concept stage through to the design development stage by providing Architectural Design drawings (sketch design, working drawings, specifications) and construction documentation. It also works in collaboration with Quantity Surveyors to provide Tender Documents for projects. The Unit ensures that the approved master plan is strictly adhered to by all stakeholders of the University to avert any future slums.

  • Electro-Mechanical Unit – Ing. George Pobee

The Unit plans, designs, monitors, installs and inspects electrical and mechanical systems. It is responsible for the day-to-day operations of the university’s recycling plant and also advises the University on matters relating to services (Mechanical, Electrical, and Plant).

  • Civil And Structural Engineering Unit – Ing. John Awotwe

The Unit tests the bearing capacity of the soil in order to determine the type of foundation to be used as well as the strength of materials before and during construction. It also ensures that every structure/facility can perform its intended purpose.

Maintenance And Disaster Management Division – Ing. Richard Mensah Maintenance Unit

The Unit deals with the repairs of all electrical fixtures, installation and maintenance of generator sets, air conditioners, elevators, recycling plant, plumbing works, masonry, carpentry and joinery works. It also responds to complaints and conducts regular inspections in order to ensure a proper maintenance culture for the University.

  • Safety Unit

The Unit is responsible for the safety of staff, students, visitors, and property of the University. It ensures that members of the University are periodically educated on safety and disaster management issues.

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