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Department of Sustainable Development and Policy


The Department of Sustainable Development and Policy (DSDP) clearly understands and appreciates that UESD is a relatively new university with new schools and departments. This calls for the formation of several structures, policies and plans that are fundamental yet monumental and essential to the establishment and growth of the University.  This pioneering department is not only ready for this essential challenge but sees it as an opportunity to ensure UESD, School of Sustainable Development (SSD) and department itself succeed in their endeavours.

Vision Statement

A model department for UESD and universities globally to emulate in the excellent provision of students’ services, training, research and advocacy.

Mission Statement

We exist to provide relevant services in training, research and advocacy that meets the demands in sustainable development for SSD, UESD and Africa.

Core Values  

It has CLIRE (pronounced CLEAR) as its acronym.

C – Commitment – dedicated to a course that promotes SSD and UESD and goes the extra mile to ensure their visions and missions are achieved.

L – Leadership   – developing leaders to meet the most relevant development and sustainability needs of SSD, UESD, Ghana and the world in both academia and practice.

I – Innovation       – challenging members to be innovative and positively challenge the status co with the aim of improving it. 

 R – Research       –motivate members to undertake relevant and cutting-edge research in sustainable development.

 E – Excellence   – pursuing excellence in every almost endeavour and activity of the Department.

Academic Programmes and Short Courses

The Department from time to time shall introduce and review programmes and short courses that are relevant to SSD, UESD and the demands of the global job market. The Department currently has one programme running, which is BSc Sustainable Development. The following programmes are being developed by the Department and will start running by next year or next two years. They are as follows

  • MSc Sustainable Development and Policy
  • BSc Green Entrepreneurship and Sustainability
  • BSc Agribusiness Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Technology

The Department also plans introducing short courses in the following areas:

  • Sustainable Development
  • Climate Change
  • Agribusiness
  • Green Entrepreneurship
  • Research Methods

Teaching and Students Development 

The Department sees its students as its greatest asset. This thinking ensures faculty employs the most modern and innovative ways of teaching and training its students. Even though the Department has a good lecturer to student ratio, there is also a cordial but professional relationship between them in and out of the lecture hall. Students are trained to be bold, assertive, daring and critical thinkers with a mind of providing solutions to solving future problems in their societies. Students are also encouraged to build their CVs right from the first year to the final year. Besides, Aritificial Intelligence (AI) is gradually factored into the curricula of the department.  Students from time to time get the opportunity to witness field practioneers and experts in the area of sustainable development to interact with them on campus.  Students during their training, get the opportunity to live in communities and also work in relevant organisations which are focused on issues of sustainable development.  We believe  this will prepare them for the global job market.

Research, Training and Development of Members

The Department encourages cutting edge research that focuses on the sustainable development goals. It also creates room for faculty members to enhance and further develop their research skills and network through post doctorial opportunities, institutional collaborations and, local and international conferences, among others.  As part of the efforts to ensure this, faculty are encouraged of move up the academic ladder by becoming senior lecturers, associate professors and full professors by publishing in standard peer review journals and with reputable publishers.

Consultancy Services

In addition to running short courses, research consultancy is one of the key sources of raising funds for running the Department and managing the welfare of its members. The research consultancy shall be in three main forms and they are:

  • applying to funding organisations which have funds available for research.
  • applying through calls made for specific areas of research by funding organisations.
  • applying to undertake usually short term/part time research consultancies.
  • partnering with already established institutions to write joint proposals for research.

List of Faculty Members

Dr. Michael Tuffour
Senior Lecturer and Head of Department
Dr. Daniella Sedegah
Senior Lecturer   
Dr. Prize Y.F. McApreko
Senior Lecturer
Dr. Theodora A. Asiamah
Dr. Michael Odame Larbi
Dr. Felix Danso
Dr. Peter Asare-Nuamah
Dr. Angela Ayisi –Addo