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Dip, BSc, MSc.

Senior Administrative Assistant
Community Engagement, Projects and Innovations Unit





Highly motivated, detail-oriented, and Honest person, challenged to identify and take opportunities afforded me as I persevere in any field to become a change agent of my society and the world as a whole also through my enterprising abilities. A Team player who is willing to assist others to ensure that the work is completed on time and at the highest quality possible, therefore prioritising my work activities is a key strength that I have developed.

Land Use and Environmental Management, Coastal Mangroves Conservation and Restoration, Sustainable, Water resources management, Sustainable Waste Water treatment, Community Engagement, Gender Equality and Capacity Building, Perishables Post-Harvest storage and technologies, Innovative Climate Actions.

1. Community Engagement Strategies and Proposal Writing Workshop.
2. ISSER and UESD workshop to train farmers on climate change. Theme: Touching Argo-communities with Climate Change Education.
3. 1st Webinar on Media and Information Literacy for Empowerment and Advocacy.
4. 2nd Webinar on Media and Information Literacy for Empowerment and Advocacy.
5. (UNESCO APCEIU) GCED special lecture on Climate Crisis and Its Ramification Live Webinar.
6. The 19th World Festival of Youth and Student, held in Moscow and Sochi Russia Member of Ghanaian delegation and Presenter; Health and Environment.
7. Life-Link Tertiary Model UN Conference held in Accra – Ghana (Turkish Delegate). Theme: Creating a sustainable future for the next generation.
8. Life-Link Senior High Schools Model UN Conference held in Accra – Ghana, (Madagascan Delegate). Theme: Use of national resources for sustainable development.

Universities of Ghana Senior Staff Association
The International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN)
The International Fire Suppression Alliance (IFSA)