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Emelia Amoako Asiedu is a Senior Lecturer in the School of Natural Science and Environmental Studies of the University Environment and Sustainable Development. She holds a Doctor of Philosophy in Public Administration and policy Management, a Master of Philosophy in Public Administration as well as a Masters in Public Admininstration from the University of Ghana. She obtained her bachelors degree in Management studies and a diploma in Education from the University of Cape Coast; She also holds a post graduate certificate in Occupational Safety, Health and Environment from GIMPA as well as a post graduate diploma in Organization Development from the University of Cape Coast. She also holds a certificate in Managing Change and Organisational Transitions from the Maastricht School of Management, Netherlands as well as a certificate in Disaster management from the United States Telecomunications Institute. She worked with Telecos for fifteen years, serving in various capacities in the Human Resource Management department. Prior to joining University of Environment and Sustainable Development, she taught at both graduate and undergraduate levels in the Business school of the Wisconsin International University College in Accra.

1. Public sector Performance management
2. Leadership and employee Engagement
3. Public Policy Management
4. Occupational Health and Safety Management

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