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Benedicta Woolley


General Administration





Positions held & hold:

Benedicta Woolley is a highly motivated young vibrant lady who possesses enthusiasm, drive and positive attitude required to be successful in a working environment. Her objective as a Marketer and a Receptionist is to maintain security and telecommunication systems, which she is a pro for three years. She is at all times willing to learn and accept constructive criticisms. She has an exceptionally good communication skills, which she has received several complements.
She responds to varying situations within her ability with intelligence, good communication, marketing and technological skills, hence, has established positive interpersonal relation with customers and clienteles. Secondly, she renders dedicate service within her competence as a staff in this higher learning Institution, University of Environment and Sustainable Development.

Interest in Business Analytics and Energy Economics

Maiden Clean Ghana Conference, 2018

1. Intern (Credit Union Association of Ghana) 2016
2. NSS, Administrative Assistant (University of Cape Coast) 2019/20
3. Sales Executive (IPMC) 2020
4. Receptionist, University of Environment and Sustainable Development. 2020 till date

1. University of Cape Coast Association of Business Students (Publicity Committee Secretary) 2015/16
2. UCC SRC (Publicity Committee Secretary) 2016/17
3. UCC SRC Hall (Finance Committee Secretary) 2017/18
4. UCC SRC Hall (General Secretary) 2018/19
5. UCC SRC Hall (Ladies Wing Vice President) 2018/19
6. Cape Coast Metropolitan National Service Scheme Association (General Secretary) 2019/2020